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Our Story

Started 2 years ago selling Dell refurbished systems on eBay under the user id NDC-PARTS-DE, however due to some changes with ebay we have had to create a new eBay account Ego_systems.

Since this time, we had not created a website to display and sell our items, our main business is buying dell returns from dell Direct as a Dell Partner. The systems are customer returns failed orders, some items returned can be brand new some need more attention. Most of the time we just replace the part which is found to be faulty making the system whole again.

After much thinking we have decided to display our items on a dedicated website, www.godesktop.co.uk  AKA www.egojuice.co.uk name will change in the future. Prior to using Egojuice website as a sales channel for desktop PC and components, we were selling e-liquids from this URL we have since stopped this business and making most of the dell stock, which has fared better than the e-liquids.

Our aim is to bring you the technology, at a fair price with the convenience of buying direct and saving money. We have reduced the price of our systems on the website compared to the sale price on eBay, taking eBay fees into considerations. You will still receive our best service same as buying through eBay rest assured. You can view our feedback on our eBay store for the extra piece of mind.

We are a Manchester based company located at 4 Redgate Lane, off Hyde Road, Manchester M12 4RY, if you have any concerns or questions then please do not hesitate to email us at sales@egojuice.co.uk. We do not display a phone number as we are a online company, however if you require to make contact via telephone then please call 0161 204 3673